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Shooting Master Challenge 3D

Want to target practice? You’ve come to the game that gives you a similar experience of shooting targets with a rifle.

  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Action
  • Platform : Android.
  • Type: 3D


Beat the challenges to enhance your shooting skills.
Begin the shooting target game by clearing all the levels to become a sharpshooter. Practice to shoot at any distance to accomplish and finish tasks.
It’s time to show your skills. Start practicing!
This shooting game has a simple and easy user interface so - it's easy to practice your target shooting.

Gun On!

- Aim at the target and trigger your gun to complete the challenges
- Get to the next level with different challenges.
- This is a fun game where you get to upgrade your shooting skills by moving on to the next level.
- Aim to win the game!! Can you complete the challenges that you will face in each level?

Hit your target to move on to the next level. As you complete the levels, the difficulty to shoot objects will also increase!

The game is to make you a better shooter using minimum ammunition.
Shoot the bullseye of the target and win points.
Patience is virtue, target the object and wait until the perfect time comes - shoot when the perfect shot is clear.
Don’t waste your bullets or you will have to start over again.
Lear to earn more bullets by watching videos.
You can upgrade your gun to a wider range.

Shooting Master Challenge 3D Features: 

  • Amazing 3D Game Graphic and Sound Effects
  • Realistic Shooting Experience 
  • Different Backgrounds 
  • Realistic Game Play
  • Easy to Play 
  • Fun and Challenging