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Build & Publish

Service Details

Launching your app or game on the Play Store for the first time can be a complex and daunting process. One small mistake or oversight can lead to app rejection and complications.

Why Hire Launch Services?
By hiring launch services, you gain access to experts who understand the intricacies of the publishing method. We ensure that your app meets all the necessary requirements and guidelines, thereby preventing potential complications, headaches, and rejections.

What We Do?
We handle the entire process of getting your game published on Android or/and iOS platforms. Our dedicated project manager will meticulously guide your game through the submission process, ensure it meets all the guidelines for the App Store and Google Play. Our team also provides 3 months of post-publishing support to address any technical issues that may arise. With our comprehensive services, you can experience a hassle-free game publication and reach a wider audience with confidence.

What We Need from You?
To ensure a smooth launching process, we require the following information and assets:

  • Your Game: Please provide your complete game package.
  • Game Icon: Share the game icon that represents your app or game.
  • Promos: Provide screenshots or/and promotional materials showcasing your app or game.
  • Description: Share the content that you want to use for the app or game description.
  • Console: Please share your Play Store account credentials and grant us to publish your app or game on your behalf.
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