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Surfer Bike Racing

Come and Join the most adventurous water Racing game where you can drive same surfer bike on water and land too. Excited to have fun with crazy water surfer bike racing, the best water games for thrilling bike stunts on water.

  • Technology : Unity3D
  • Genre : Racing
  • Platform : Android.
  • Type: 3D


Bike racing with water surfer bike and motorcycle stunts on amazing sea beach area would be amazing idea. Beach water surfer motorbike stunts simulator is unique by its gameplay. This beach water surfer motorcycle stunt racing adventure on city town beach where you ride your motorbike into floating jet ski boats with racing spirit. As a best water surfing driver race your motorcycle in immense sea with fast speed to beat all jet motorbike surfers and win the surfer racing championship around the beautiful sea area.

Showcase your stunts on water racing tracks , Be a Water Floating Stunt Bike Racer or a Surfer Bike Racer. Surfer Bike Racing Game is a 3D game where you will be riding your Bike on ramp and on Water. Surfer Bike Racing is a game is not only thrilling but Nerve testing
Keep your fingers crossed and lets start the adventure
🚁 Surfer Bike Racing Game 3D is worth Downloading and wining
Beware there are mines too which are placed to stop you from clearing the check points
This is a Free water bike racing game which can be Downloaded Free.

How to Play Surfer Bike Racing Game 3D

1) Start riding the bike on the land and on the water
2) Unlock the stages by clearing the Checkpoints which are in Various directions
3) Be careful, there are explosives and Mines in Water to stop you from Winning
4) The Level is finished after you collect all the Check Points

Game Controls
1) Use your left Thumb to turn your Bike to left and Right
2) Left button goes for left turn and right Button goes for right turn
3) You can Accelerate, Brake or take your Bike in Reverse by using Right Hand thumb and placing your Fingers on left or right paddle on the right side of the screen
4) To the Right side of the Screen are two Paddle which are used to Accelerate or Reverse the Bike
5) Brakes can be applied by pressing Reverse paddle

Surfer Bike Racing Game 3D Features

1) Splashing Sounds and Effects of Water
2) HD Graphics and Crystal Voice Modulation
3) More than 20 Levels to Clear
4) Updated every week
5) Advanced Game with more advanced Graphics
6) Multiple Bikes to choose from the Buffet
7) Many maps with different tactics
8) Easy Play and smooth Control